Ready for Saturday? Meet Dennis Wei (魏揚) and Wu Cheng (吳崢) in London

We are looking forward to the event on Saturday November 1. The doors open at 16.00 and we start at 16.30.
Come and meet Dennis Wei (魏揚) and Wu Cheng (吳崢), two principal leaders of the Sunflower Movement, to discuss the future for the Sunflower Movement and for civil society in Taiwan.
You can read more about Dennis Wei and Wu Cheng by clicking on their names.
We will talk about why Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement occupied the parliament for three weeks and if this undermined or strengthen democracy. We will also focus on Taiwan’s democratic challenged and current situation.
The Sunflower Movement showed public support for Taiwan’s democracy and for transparency in Taiwan’s relationship with China.
Recent events in Hong Kong parallel Taiwanese struggles for democracy, justice and freedom.

The event takes place in London:
Date: Saturday 1 November 2014
Doors opens at 16.00
Time: 16.30 to 18.30
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Room: The Venue – 1st floor
University of London Union
(ULU/Student Central)
Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY

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Organised by

  • Taiwan Corner, Denmark,
  • Taiwan Student Association UK (TSAUK) and

This event is sponsored by Taiwan Brain Trust in association with Taiwan Corner.