Talks, Lectures and Media

Taiwan Corner offers talks about Taiwan. Chairman Michael Danielsen has followed Taiwan intensively for more than 20 years and he travels to Taiwan 1-2 times per year, where he meets politicians, journalists, and commentators. In addition, Michael is also an active commentator on Taiwan in both Taiwan and Denmark. He has also author to a chapter about the Taiwanese identity in the book “National Identity and Economic Interest” published in 2012.

Michael has given talks about the Taiwan international challenges, the relationship between EU and Taiwan, the Taiwanese identity, Taiwan’s society, history and political situation. He covers a wide range of topics from travel descriptions to analysis of Taiwan’s political situation.

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Talk Topics

Presidential and parliamentary election 2020

  1. Who will win the presidential election on January 11 2020?
  2. Can the governing party, the independence leaning DPP, keep its majority in the parliament after January 11, 2020?
  3. What is the status of the China friendly party KMT?
  4. What is the role of the third force parties like the New Power Party?

Travel description

  1. Travel description from all over Taiwan, including Taipei, east Hualien and Southern Taiwan
  2. The Taiwanese identity. Are Taiwanese Chinese? How do the Taiwanese consider themselves today and what are the trends in the society?
  3. Taiwan’s people and culture–including the elderly and children


  • Taiwan’s democracy – how did Taiwan develop its democracy? Is Taiwan’s democracy challenged?
  • Who owns Taiwan?
  • The One-China policy–its origin and the significance for the future
  • Taiwan from 1600 – 1895
  • Taiwan’s role in UN today and during the Cold War.

Taiwan international challenges and its relationship with China

  • What is Taiwan’s international challenges and opportunities?
  • What is the content and consequences of the trade agreements between China and Taiwan?
  • Is the relationship between Taiwan and China changed fundamentally?
  • Will there be peace in the Taiwan Strait?

Past Talks, Lectures and Media


University of Central Lancashire on April 26:

Talked about the importance of promoting Taiwan in the current global context including China and the war in Ukraine. Discussion the question as to how can the civil society and citizen diplomats in EU influence Taiwan policies and the European public. Also, what does it take to be an efficient citizen diplomat. The talk was held at Northern England Policy Centre for the Asia Pacific (NEPCAP), University of Central Lancashire.


Democracy Days in Copenhagen on March 4:

Talked about Taiwan’s situation in Asia after Taiwan’s presidential and parliamentary elections that ensured a continuation of the government will a focus on making Taiwan less depending on China and reforming Taiwan’s industries.


TV program Deadline, Danish National TV DR on May 18: talking about new gay marriage law in Taiwan and the background for the law.


Amnesty International, London on November 18: Gave the talk “Why Civil Society and Public Diplomacy?” focusing on how independent civil society groups can influence the public about Taiwan and how Taiwan could cooperate will these groups and strengthen Taiwan week Public Diplomacy. The event was arranged by Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and Taiwan Corner.


European Parliament, on June 15: Gave the talk “Setting an example: Taiwan’s role in South East Asia” about the new DPP government’s South bound policy in Asia. The talk was given at the European Parliament Conference to Discuss Minority Rights and Regional Cooperation in South East Asia organized by UNPO. The talk can be read here…

Social Democratic Party of Denmark, on February 22: Gave the talk “Are we ready for a Taiwan as a normal country?”. The talk provided an analysis of the presidential and parliamentary election in January and the future relations with China, USA nd EU. The talk was given to the Social Democratic Party’s central international committee.


London School of Economics, on November 6: Reflections on working with the social movements in Europe.


London School of Economics, on November 14:  Lobbying for a ‘Forbidden Nation’: lessons from Taiwan Corner in Denmark and the EU. The talk can be read here…


European Parliament – the conference “EU Strategies, Interventions and Future Prospects for Support to Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan”.  Michael Danielsen gave insights into the question of Taiwanese sovereignty, identifying areas in which the EU may support Taiwan’s enhanced participation in international fora.  You can read more about the talk here…


27th October – Who are the Taiwanese? The talk was given at the general meeting of the Danish-Taiwanese association

12th May – Democracy Develops a Common Taiwan Identity at University of Ljubljana at the 8th Annual Conference of the European Association of TAIWAN STUDIES (Eats) Ljubljana, 12 – 14 May.

9th April – A considerate View on the Taiwanese–Lecture at the annual conference of Taiwan studies in Europe in Tübingen, Germany (7th Annual Conference of the European Association of TAIWAN STUDIES (Eats) Tuebingen, April 8-10, 2010).

17th January – Taiwan – a tour throughout the island – Skovlunde Church

2nd January – The view from Denmark – the Free Trade Agreement Between Taiwan and the EU – Breakfast club in Taiwan’s capital Taipei


26th June – Taiwan, travel in free in Asian society– Danish Deaf Sports Confederation

27th May – From a one-way to a two-way street – the Forum for China and Taiwan – held at Christiansborg (Danish Parliament building). The lecture was about the current economic relationship between Taiwan and China

25th February – Taiwan, a travel free in Asian society-Hedegård Church Wednesday Club.


28th March – The Federation of Danish-Taiwan Parliamentarians. Held in Common Hall in Parliament. The lecture gave a reaction on and analysis of Taiwan’s presidential election on 22 March 2008

29th April – The Foreign Policy Society. Response to and analysis of Taiwan’s presidential election on 22 March 2008

20th May – Taiwan Corner talk entitled “After the presidential election – so what?”  What will be the policies of President Ma and how will the relations with China develop. What are the major investments that Taiwan to start?

7th May – the Danish-Chinese Association Taiwan – The Story of a disputed island of Taiwan’s history since the 1500s to the present day, including reaction to the presidential election on 22 March 2008