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    Taiwanese division bell stopped ringing

    In his OpEd in Taipei Times, Taiwan Corner's chairman Michael Danielsen write that willing European politicians, journalists and academics have contributed to a perception that Taiwan was divided about its future international status and confused the European public. They have lived in a China bubble that has blasted. Today, Taiwan stands more united than ever, but Taiwan’s future is not … [Read More...]

    China is creating a ‘new normal’ across the Strait

    China is creating a ‘new normal’ across the Strait in which the world now accepts the almost daily violation of Taiwan’s airspace. And Beijing continues to spread fake news about Taiwan. Despite the pandemic – or perhaps because of it – Chinese pressure on Taiwan’s international space has intensified. This was seen recently in another act of exclusion from UNESCO activities. The United States … [Read More...]

    Can we learn from USA’s engagement with Taiwan over the past 3 years?

    Over the past 25 years, the European Union and the United States have focused on having critical dialogue with China. The promised result was a China that would engage positively with the rest of the world. This has not happened, and stronger measures are needed if our democracy and our values are to be defended. Not least the survival of democratic Taiwan By Michael … [Read More...]

    Taiwan and USA after Taiwan’s election

    Civil society groups in Europe like Taiwan Corner can arrange successful public events organized and planned by themselves. In Copenhagen, it is difficult to get people to come to a public debate meeting about a topic like Taiwan. But we succeeded. Not only got we a famous journalist and a wellknown USA commentator to come, we reached almost 10.000 people online by advertisements. In … [Read More...]

    Threats against Taiwan

    President Tsai talked about peace, parity, dialogue and democracy. In response, China decided to omit the accustomed annual reference to “peaceful reunification” in the government’s yearly work report. In China’s view, the situation in Hong Kong no longer helps attract Taiwan to adopt ‘One Country – Two Systems’ as a solution. Moreover, the Hong Kong protests serve only to destabilize and … [Read More...]