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    Threats against Taiwan

    President Tsai talked about peace, parity, dialogue and democracy. In response, China decided to omit the accustomed annual reference to “peaceful reunification” in the government’s yearly work report. In China’s view, the situation in Hong Kong no longer helps attract Taiwan to adopt ‘One Country – Two Systems’ as a solution. Moreover, the Hong Kong protests serve only to destabilize and … [Read More...]

    Nation lives forward, not in the KMT’s past

    Taiwan shall live forward and understand itself looking backward — not like the KMT, which prefers to live in the past. A combination of the good old days and modern populism can be a superb cocktail for winning an election. The problem for the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) populist presidential candidate, Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜), is that there are no good old … [Read More...]

    Elections in January – Who will win?

    In contrast to the presidential election, the parliamentary elections are more uncertain. Although the November 2018 local elections resulted in significant victories for the KMT, this may not benefit the party on the national stage, contrary to previous predictions. Economy is one issue in Taiwan's elections. Taiwan’s investments in China is falling as capital moves in the direction of South East … [Read More...]

    Highly likely that Tsai will be re-elected in January – EU’s one China policy

    Variations of a ‘Hong Kong model’, such as the one offered by China’s president Xi, have no appeal in Taiwan whatsoever. This has been shown in polls since the middle of the 1990s. Moreover, the fight for democracy in Hong Kong illustrates what the Taiwanese have known all along, that Taiwan is their home, and they have no desire to unite with China.  Taiwan Corner’s position has always been that … [Read More...]

    London School of Economics may violate UK’s One China policy & disregard academic standards

    London School of Economics (LSE) disregards democratic and academics ideals by considering adapting to China’s position on Taiwan. Anyone with a minimal insight into Asian matters knows that saying Taiwan is a part China is a highly controversial postulate with very questionable historical support.  This reveals that LSE cannot live up to academic ideals of balanced … [Read More...]