London School of Economics may violate UK’s One China policy & disregard academic standards

London School of Economics (LSE) disregards democratic and academics ideals by considering adapting to China’s position on Taiwan. Anyone with a minimal insight into Asian matters knows that saying Taiwan is a part China is a highly controversial postulate with very questionable historical support.  This reveals that LSE cannot live up to academic ideals of balanced information.

London School of Economics are considering going against the One China policy of United Kingdom, EU and USA, and follow China’s position on Taiwan.
This may be the result of a decision at London School of Economics (LSE) if LSE is going to change the new public art work “The World Turned Upside Down“ at London School of Economics (LSE). The art work consists of a huge globe turned upside down with China and Taiwan displayed correctly in different colors.
The reason for making such a decision is that Chinese students have protested and want LSE to ensure that the globe displays Taiwan as a part of China in the same color. The LSE states that a decision is not made yet but is considering following China’s position.

Taiwan Corner’s response

“Giving in to China, reveals a disregard for democratic and academics ideals. Moreover, it can only be considered as a show of support for China’s unlawful territorial demands in Asia. China’s president has not ruled out military actions against democratic Taiwan”, says Michael Danielsen, chairman of Taiwan Corner.
Anyone with minimal insights into Asian matters knows saying that Taiwan is a part of China is a highly controversial postulate with very questionable historical support.

Michael Danielsen continues: “It is deeply worrying that London School of Economics (LSE) does not want to raise one of its main tasks to educate and inform students and the public in a balanced and correct manner. It does not benefit the LSE’s reputation and the understanding of Taiwan to support China’s positions and LSE fails to live up to the very basic academic traditions.”
Therefore, Taiwan Corner has urged LSE not to change the art work “The World Turned Upside Down sculpture”.