About Us

About Us

Taiwan Corner is an independent member based association. The board is elected by the members at the annual meeting and members have influence on all activities.

What is the purpose of Taiwan Corner?

The purpose of Taiwan Corner is to inform and spread the knowledge about Taiwan’s history and society. We supports Taiwan’s democracy, Taiwan’s right to self-determination and membership of all international organizations.

It is our goal to inform correctly about Taiwan’s history, current political situation and about Taiwan’s society.

Taiwan Corner is independent of economic and political interests.

You can read the articles of the association here…

Membership of Taiwan Corner

You are most welcome to become a member of Taiwan Corner by clicking on Join.

The membership fee is 150 Dkr.(20 €) per year and 100 Dkr (13,4€) for students per year.

Taiwan Corner offers events such as debate meetings and frequent newsletters about Taiwan. The member fee covers costs associated with running Taiwan Corner. This includes our social events, debate meetings and expenses for having a website.

See the rules Taiwan Corner here…

How did Taiwan Corner start?

Taiwan Corner started as a good idea during a dinner in January 2008 among some good and close friends. One of the topics during the dinner was how relatively uninformed commentaries about Taiwan appeared in the Danish media. This applies to journalists, experts and politicians. All of us have had a long time interest in Taiwan, we visit Taiwan regularly and thus we are updated in regards to current affairs and history. We believed that we could do a better job by starting  a forum for credible information and for an honest debate about Taiwan for everybody interested in Taiwan and its rights.

We agreed that Taiwan Corner has to be an association with high professionalism and seriousness. In addition, it was important for us to be independent. Taiwan Corner’s information and viewpoints are for this reason 100 percent our own.


Michael Danielsen – Chairman

Mobile: +45 2363 8136

Email: michael.danielsen@taiwancorner.org

Kenneth Stormoen – vice chairman

Email: kenneth.stormoen@taiwancorner.org

David Jenkins  – board member

E-mail: david.jenkins@taiwancorner.org

Leif Andersen – board member

E-mail: leif.andersen@taiwancorner.org

Rebecca Chen  – board member and treasurer

E-mail: rebecca.chen@taiwancorner.org