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    Posted on: 2019-12-08

Nation lives forward, not in the KMT’s past

Taiwan shall live forward and understand itself looking backward — not like the KMT, which prefers to live in the past. A combination of the good old days and modern populism can be a superb cocktail for winning an election. The problem for the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) populist presidential candidate, Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜), is that there are no good old … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2019-12-08

Elections in January – Who will win?

In contrast to the presidential election, the parliamentary elections are more uncertain. Although the November 2018 local elections resulted in significant victories for the KMT, this may not benefit the party on the national stage, contrary to previous predictions. Economy is one issue in Taiwan's elections. Taiwan’s investments in China is falling as capital moves in the direction of South East … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2019-09-01

Highly likely that Tsai will be re-elected in January – EU’s one China policy

Variations of a ‘Hong Kong model’, such as the one offered by China’s president Xi, have no appeal in Taiwan whatsoever. This has been shown in polls since the middle of the 1990s. Moreover, the fight for democracy in Hong Kong illustrates what the Taiwanese have known all along, that Taiwan is their home, and they have no desire to unite with China.  Taiwan Corner’s position has always been that … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2019-04-05

Taiwan’s Political Normalization?

Taiwan is not immune to populism which can threaten the normalization of Taiwan’s politics, writes Taiwan Corner's chairman Michael Danielsen in the latest NEPCAP Policy Brief (NEPCAP, Northern England Policy Centre for the Asia Pacific Policy). The results of the 2016 presidential and legislative elections seemed to promise a normalization of Taiwan's politics. The chief reasons for this hope … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2018-11-24

Taiwans regeringsparti DPP er udfordret i lokalvalg

”Taiwans præsident Tsai fra det uafhængighedssøgende parti DPP står over for sin første alvorlige test i lokalvalget lørdag d. 24. november efter en massiv sejr i 2016. Uanset, at lokalvalg handler om lokale problemstillinger vil præsident Tsai blive udfordret i DPP, hvis den ellers sikre by Kaohsiung efter 20 år går til KMT og Taichung også går til KMT”, siger Michael Danielsen, formand for … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2016-01-12

Is losing big good for the KMT?

When KMT will be in crisis over the next years, will DPP become the main political party and will the New Power Party be able to use the political vacuum and become an even stronger political party that can reach all of Taiwan. This can be the start of a stronger political normalization process of Taiwan in which the question of independence is accepted by all main political parties. The wishes … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-11-04

Sidste fotomulighed for Kinas og Taiwans præsidenter

Mødet på lørdag d. 7. november mellem Taiwans og Kinas præsidenter i Singapore er historisk. Blot det, at mødet finder sted er en historisk begivenhed efter mange års stridigheder. De to præsidenter kender udmærket utilfredsheden i Taiwan med tilnærmelserne til Kina. Mødet er derfor den sidste mulighed for, at de to præsidenter kan vise verden deres resultater og hver deres drøm om et fælles Kina. … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-09-13

Hung Brings a Sword

KMT’s presidential candidate Hung Hsiu-chu is back from her time off to reflect. She has presented a 8,000 word manifesto that “contains little mention of anything concrete afflicting the people of Taiwan -- income inequality, wages and employment, energy, environmentalism, regional issues, highways, harbors, airports -- simply nothing. By Michael Turton, The View of Taiwan Published with … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-05-04

Wang Jin-pyng Positions Himself for a Presidential Run

Wang is dipping a toe in the perilous waters of Taiwanese identity politics. Recall that he is a Taiwanese faction politician from down south. Unlike Chiang Ching-kuo and Ma Ying-jeou, both of whom proclaimed themselves to be Taiwanese for political purposes, Wang does not have to make noises about being Taiwanese, he is already accepted as one. Rather, Wang has to find a position that makes him … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2014-11-29

Historical victory for Taiwan’s opposition – A new start for Taiwan

Taiwan's opposition wins all major cities, and KMT suffers an historic blow throughout Taiwan. The election results suggest a change of government in 2016 and a goodbye to KMT government. There are presidential and parliamentary elections in early 2016 and traditionally a strong local base has helped presidential candidates. Historically, this was the case in 1997 for DPP and 2005 for the KMT. By … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2014-11-23

Taishang not coming home to vote….

Taishang come in pro-Taiwan and pro-China flavors, just like politics back home in Taiwan. Many might argue that they will be more pro-China than the local population, but in fact, in this election, they just aren't coming home. By Michael Turton, The View of Taiwan Published with permission, read the original here… Over at China Policy Institute Gunter Schubert has a piece on the Taishang, … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2014-11-23

Nine-in-one Elections Forecast and Taiwan’s Future Political Landscape

The ruling Kuomintang is likely to suffer a major setback in the upcoming nine-in-one elections on November 29. The KMT currently rules 15 of Taiwan's 22 municipalities, including four special municipalities. However, based on transactions on XFuture, the largest Chinese-language prediction markets exchange, the KMT is likely to lose two special municipalities in the upcoming elections,namely … [Read more...]