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    Posted on: 2015-09-13

Hung Brings a Sword

KMT’s presidential candidate Hung Hsiu-chu is back from her time off to reflect. She has presented a 8,000 word manifesto that “contains little mention of anything concrete afflicting the people of Taiwan -- income inequality, wages and employment, energy, environmentalism, regional issues, highways, harbors, airports -- simply nothing. By Michael Turton, The View of Taiwan Published with … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-08-02

Modern values of transparency and democratic development are on its way

The recent tragic suicide of a 19 years old high-school student and the arrests of young people following the latest protests are deeply worrying, and the kind of events that Taiwan would have been a better place without. Almost on daily basis, the reasons why KMT is not capable of running a modern Taiwanese society become ever more clear. Political developments over the past few years provide … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-08-02

Black Box Brainwashing Curriculum Must Go

Students insist that the black box brainwashing curriculum be canceled, because the curriculum adjustments are illegal and violate procedural justice. First of all, the curriculum modifications are unprecedented and the textbook review and approval team has no legal basis to go beyond its function of merely checking terms in textbooks. This runs counter to the formulation procedure used previously … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-08-01

When freedoms disturb EU trade

EU prefers not to talk too much about the deterioration in Taiwan’s democracy with Taiwan because it is disturbing the trade. EU’s report on human rights and democracy leaves the impression that capital punishment is the only challenge in Taiwan’s human rights situation and recent democratic development. However, there is a change among European politicians to look more broadly at Taiwan’s … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-06-27

Democracy Prerequisite for Healthy Cross-strait Relations

Ordinary people are not able to gain anything from the cross-strait dividend, they are even harmed by it. How can we prevent cronies from running cross-strait relations in a non-transparent manner? Taiwan’s new leader will have to respect democracy as the basic principle, no matter what kind of policies he or she promotes. As for how the Taiwanese people will determine the direction of … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-06-01

Facing new reality after cross-strait bubble burst

The upcoming meeting between President Xi and KMT’s chairman Chu is a meeting of the past, writes Taiwan Corner’s chairman Michael Danielsen in Taipei Times. “The cross-strait bubble burst more than a year ago with the Sunflower movement’s occupation of the Legislative Yuan’s main chamber, and any attempts to go back to the good old days are destined to fail due to a new reality.”“In the new … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-05-04

TPP Accession as Economic Development Strategy for Taiwan

Most importantly, in addition to defensive considerations such as preventing its marginalization in the current FTA trend and correcting its excessive orientation toward China, Taiwan should seize this moment to revamp itself (including forging political consensus, devising comprehensive policy measures, and carrying out industrial upgrading) and take advantage of the regional economic integration … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-05-04

Wang Jin-pyng Positions Himself for a Presidential Run

Wang is dipping a toe in the perilous waters of Taiwanese identity politics. Recall that he is a Taiwanese faction politician from down south. Unlike Chiang Ching-kuo and Ma Ying-jeou, both of whom proclaimed themselves to be Taiwanese for political purposes, Wang does not have to make noises about being Taiwanese, he is already accepted as one. Rather, Wang has to find a position that makes him … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-04-26

The Sunflower Movement: One Year On

No social movements have reached such dramatic proportions as the Sunflower Movement. From March 18 to April 10, 2014, the nation’s parliament was occupied by a group of activists and students, essentially grinding the parliamentary body to halt. The movement was not merely a form of disobedience, but a strategic contestation, that decisively challenged the status quo in Taiwan. By Brian … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-03-15

Great evening with the “Sunflower Occupation” movie

The documentary detailed the 24 days occupation of Taiwan’s parliament starting on March 18 2014. The movie provided great behind the scene insights into the thoughts of the students who occupied the parliamen. It is a great movie but in order to attract a wider European audience, the movie is in a need of some improvements. The movie is two hours long and during those two hours it fails to cover … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-03-01

Case No. 59213: China Specialists Don’t Get Taiwan

China specialists need to face this fact squarely: there are no generous economic benefits from Taiwan’s economic involvement with China. That golden age passed in 2008, six years ago. Instead, the people of Taiwan experience assaults on their independence and democracy on one side and the hollowing out of their economy on the other, along with China’s continued interference in FTAs and other … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-02-24

“Sunflower Occupation” Documentary Movie

We Taipei Ren Studio and Taiwan Corner are showing the documentary movie “Sunflower Occupation” on March 3 in Copenhagen. We in Taiwan Corner believe that the Sunflower Movement showed public support for Taiwan’s democracy and for transparency in Taiwan’s relationship with China. Recent events in Hong Kong parallel Taiwanese struggles for democracy, justice and freedom. By Michael Danielsen, … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-01-31

Factors for DPP Cross-Strait Policy in the 2014 Elections Aftermath

The 2014 elections mostly expressed the public distrust of the KMT and cannot be taken as direct endorsement of DPP policy.  Although the DPP’s position on cross-strait relations will not run counter to its tenets nor the direction of civil society, there is still room to maneuver when it comes to policy and practice. This narrow course must be negotiated between the expectations of the Taiwanese … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-01-31

Don’t blame Taiwan for cross-strait challenges

The fundamental question is: Why should Taiwan’s political future be based on historical events that bear no relevance to modern society? The nation must acknowledge its history, but formulate policies that are based on the present and the future, not chained to the past. Many politicians appear blinded by historical baggage that keeps them from seeing necessary compromises that benefit the … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-01-11

Aerotropolis – DPP lets construction-industrial state win one

The Aerotropolis around Taoyuan is the largest land expropriation in the democratic era. Stopping that aerotropolis is a key to the DPP's remaining a serious party in Taiwan. It can't just pretend to be the party of social justice and economic development for ordinary people. It actually has to be one. If Cheng flips on this, it will cost the DPP Taoyuan in 2018 and hurt its chances in the … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-01-04

The Impact of Taiwan’s Sunflower Student Movement on the KMT-CCP Cooperative Framework

Taiwan’s Sunflower Student Movement in March 2014 and the assorted protests against the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA) were triggered by the KMT-CCP cooperation and the negative consequences of globalization. Developments prior to and since the emergence of these movements evince a strong internal economic logic: economic factors impact life in society, and eventually contribute to … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2015-01-03

Hong Kong is a warning to Taiwan

Hong Kong’s activists have no ambitions to adapt China’s version of democracy. The negative political and economic consequences of a closer relationship with China has created a strong civil society against the regime. Self-censorship is spreading and firms are pressured not to make advertisements in e.g. Apple Daily, a critical Hong Kong newspaper. It is also increasingly clear that Hong Kong's … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2014-11-29

Historical victory for Taiwan’s opposition – A new start for Taiwan

Taiwan's opposition wins all major cities, and KMT suffers an historic blow throughout Taiwan. The election results suggest a change of government in 2016 and a goodbye to KMT government. There are presidential and parliamentary elections in early 2016 and traditionally a strong local base has helped presidential candidates. Historically, this was the case in 1997 for DPP and 2005 for the KMT. By … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2014-11-23

Taishang not coming home to vote….

Taishang come in pro-Taiwan and pro-China flavors, just like politics back home in Taiwan. Many might argue that they will be more pro-China than the local population, but in fact, in this election, they just aren't coming home. By Michael Turton, The View of Taiwan Published with permission, read the original here… Over at China Policy Institute Gunter Schubert has a piece on the Taishang, … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2014-11-23

Nine-in-one Elections Forecast and Taiwan’s Future Political Landscape

The ruling Kuomintang is likely to suffer a major setback in the upcoming nine-in-one elections on November 29. The KMT currently rules 15 of Taiwan's 22 municipalities, including four special municipalities. However, based on transactions on XFuture, the largest Chinese-language prediction markets exchange, the KMT is likely to lose two special municipalities in the upcoming elections,namely … [Read more...]