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    Posted on: 2016-01-08

Taiwan’s Religious Diversity is a Model of Tolerance

Art Exhibition Highlights Religious Tolerance in Taiwan. In a climate of religious intolerance and ideological conflicts worldwide, the exhibition—featuring seven Taiwanese artists, is an example of how freedom of expression and religious tolerance strengthens society by enriching its cultural, political and artistic narratives. Side by side, these seven artists incorporates beliefs from Buddhism, … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2012-04-23

Taiwan Corner has contributed to a new Academic Book on Taiwan

The book National Identity and Economic Interest was published on January 27. 2012 shortly after the presidential and legislative elections in Taiwan on January 14. 2012. Chairman of Taiwan Corner, Michael Danielsen has written a book chapter about Taiwan’s identity and how it can be used to outline a political path for Taiwan’s future. Read an abstract and buy the book at Amazon.co.uk. The book … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2012-02-27

Rewriting 2.28?

The long awaited “National 2.28 Memorial Museum” was finally opened in Taipei on February 28. of 2011. It is now also the seat of the Memorial Foundation of 2.28, which is responsible for handling compensations for victims of 2.28. It had long been a wish of the dependants of victims of 2.28 to visibly raise commemoration of 2.28 to the national level by establishing a National 2.28 Memorial  … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2012-02-20

What is the impact in Taiwan of emphasizing a Chinese identity in Taiwan?

Taiwan is developing a common Taiwanese identity and the two former presidents moved Taiwan towards a common Taiwanese identity in their own fashions. The current Chinese KMT government has departed from this historical trend by conducting a much stronger Chinese identity policy. Therefore, we are witnessing a worrying and widening gap between the identity of the government and the population. By … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2011-11-27

Taiwan: The Island of Bobee (保庇)

When I think of a land of joy and happiness – I think of Taiwan. While in Taiwan, I met many great new friends who were happy to show me around. Taiwan has some wonderful sites to see, such as Taipei 101, Queen’s Head, Taroko Gorge, Hot Springs, night markets and much more. I loved absolutely all these places, but what made them truly special were the people who introduced them to me By Mike … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2011-07-29

Understanding present-day Taiwan

Who are the Taiwanese? Where are they originally from and what are the major trends in Taiwanese politics today? For many people in the United States and Europe, Taiwan is an unknown, faraway place.  Some older people remember it as Formosa, while for others the term “Free China” comes to mind.  During the past 30 years it has grown into an economic and technological powerhouse, and it was once … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2011-03-19

Taiwan, understanding an Identity in Process

What is Taiwan's identity? What does it mean to be Taiwanese? At a recent conference in Taiwan, Democracy Building in Interesting Times a speaker spoke accordingly, "Here we don't have the issue of one China, two systems; we have the problem of one China and two Taiwans". Mixing humor with reality he succinctly presented the current challenge of Taiwan's identity between its growing … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2011-03-19

Creole, Syncretic or Hybrid? Taiwan, Understanding an Identity in Process Part II

In these troubled times, Taiwanese know they are different but they may not always be able to verbalize how different they are. From the Japanese era on, Taiwanese had begun to gain a unified sense of their difference. At that time, unlike under Qing rule, the Hoklo, Hakka and indigenous people realized that they should not let outside rulers play one group against the other. They became united in … [Read more...]

    Posted on: 2008-01-20

Rainbow power i Taiwan

Only available in Danish. … [Read more...]