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    Publiceret: 2018-05-27 (台灣) 出版

(English) Civil society can assist Taiwan with challenges

Beklager, denne side findes kun på Amerikansk Engelsk … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2017-05-25 (台灣) 出版

EU should put an end to Taiwan- WHO circus

EU should put an end to Taiwan- WHO circus write Taiwan Corner’s chairman Michael Danielsen. The circus’ main attraction is the participation of Taiwan in the World Health Assembly (WHA), which is the decisionmaking body of the WHO. Since “2009, the EU and many European politicians have praised Taiwan’s participation in the WHA. It was considered as a result of the improved relations between … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2017-04-17 (台灣) 出版

Open letter to Chinese President Xi

First published in Taipei Times on April 17 2017 Dear President Xi Jinping, The undersigned are international scholars and writers from nations around the globe. We hereby express to you our deep concern about the disappearance of Mr. Li Ming-che (李明哲) from Taiwan. Mr. Li is a respected human rights worker, who in the past worked for the Democratic Progressive Party, and who is now a … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2017-01-01 (台灣) 出版

See Taiwan as a normal nation; that is its future

By Michael Danielsen, chairman of Taiwan Corner First published in Taipei Time on December 17, 2016 Taiwan’s domestic politics are getting more trivial as seen from the outside. This is good news and it reveals that Taiwan is becoming a normal nation in many aspects. Taiwan’s domestic politics are concerned with topics as in other nations, including same-sex marriage, pension reforms and … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2016-06-19 (台灣) 出版

Setting an Example: Taiwan’s Role in Southeast Asia

Taiwan has a lot of soft-power and it can set an example in southeast Asia through its new Southbound policy and other policies. It requires that Taiwan can take an engaging and mutually beneficial approach and embrace this opportunity. Also, Taiwan needs to be better known in Southeast Asia and to forge connections with ordinary citizens throughout the region in order to succeed. Therefore, … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2016-05-15 (台灣) 出版

Is there no Internet in the Economist’s Offices?

The Ma Administration represented the end of the golden age for Taiwanese in China. Overall trade grew under Ma. However, trade ballooned far faster under the Chen Administration and Taiwan businessmen did much better.  What happened in the "ballooning" Ma era? Trade grew from $98.2 billion and peaked at $130.1 billion. Using that peak, the best gain was just $32 billion, less than half the Chen … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2016-03-12 (台灣) 出版

Taiwan’s democracy – Roundtable discussion in the European Parliament – Press release

Taiwan’s democratic development will be discussed in the European Parliament on March 15 at a roundtable discussion among representatives from the New Power Party, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and China Nationalist Party (KMT) and two academics. Our goal is to facilitate dialogue with the European parliamentarians and public about Taiwan’s democratic development and future development … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2016-01-12 (台灣) 出版

Is losing big good for the KMT?

When KMT will be in crisis over the next years, will DPP become the main political party and will the New Power Party be able to use the political vacuum and become an even stronger political party that can reach all of Taiwan. This can be the start of a stronger political normalization process of Taiwan in which the question of independence is accepted by all main political parties. The wishes … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2016-01-08 (台灣) 出版

Taiwan’s Religious Diversity is a Model of Tolerance

Art Exhibition Highlights Religious Tolerance in Taiwan. In a climate of religious intolerance and ideological conflicts worldwide, the exhibition—featuring seven Taiwanese artists, is an example of how freedom of expression and religious tolerance strengthens society by enriching its cultural, political and artistic narratives. Side by side, these seven artists incorporates beliefs from Buddhism, … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2015-11-09 (台灣) 出版

One Taiwan, One China

President Ma undermined the sovereignty of Taiwan, also misrepresenting the aspirations of the Taiwanese people, when he stated that Taiwan is a part of the Chinese family.  The occasion was his meeting with Chinese President Xi on Saturday November 7 in Singapore. Taiwanese do not want to be a part of the Chinese family. They want to choose their own future freely, which we in Taiwan Corner … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2015-11-04 (台灣) 出版

Sidste fotomulighed for Kinas og Taiwans præsidenter

Mødet på lørdag d. 7. november mellem Taiwans og Kinas præsidenter i Singapore er historisk. Blot det, at mødet finder sted er en historisk begivenhed efter mange års stridigheder. De to præsidenter kender udmærket utilfredsheden i Taiwan med tilnærmelserne til Kina. Mødet er derfor den sidste mulighed for, at de to præsidenter kan vise verden deres resultater og hver deres drøm om et fælles Kina. … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2015-08-02 (台灣) 出版

Modern values of transparency and democratic development are on its way

The recent tragic suicide of a 19 years old high-school student and the arrests of young people following the latest protests are deeply worrying, and the kind of events that Taiwan would have been a better place without. Almost on daily basis, the reasons why KMT is not capable of running a modern Taiwanese society become ever more clear. Political developments over the past few years provide … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2015-08-01 (台灣) 出版

When freedoms disturb EU trade

EU prefers not to talk too much about the deterioration in Taiwan’s democracy with Taiwan because it is disturbing the trade. EU’s report on human rights and democracy leaves the impression that capital punishment is the only challenge in Taiwan’s human rights situation and recent democratic development. However, there is a change among European politicians to look more broadly at Taiwan’s … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2015-06-01 (台灣) 出版

Facing new reality after cross-strait bubble burst

The upcoming meeting between President Xi and KMT’s chairman Chu is a meeting of the past, writes Taiwan Corner’s chairman Michael Danielsen in Taipei Times. “The cross-strait bubble burst more than a year ago with the Sunflower movement’s occupation of the Legislative Yuan’s main chamber, and any attempts to go back to the good old days are destined to fail due to a new reality.”“In the new … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2015-03-15 (台灣) 出版

Great evening with the “Sunflower Occupation” movie

The documentary detailed the 24 days occupation of Taiwan’s parliament starting on March 18 2014. The movie provided great behind the scene insights into the thoughts of the students who occupied the parliamen. It is a great movie but in order to attract a wider European audience, the movie is in a need of some improvements. The movie is two hours long and during those two hours it fails to cover … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2015-02-24 (台灣) 出版

(English) “Sunflower Occupation” Documentary Movie

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    Publiceret: 2015-01-31 (台灣) 出版

(English) Don’t blame Taiwan for cross-strait challenges

Beklager, denne side findes kun på Amerikansk Engelsk … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2015-01-03 (台灣) 出版

Hong Kong er en advarsel til Taiwan

Hong Kong’s aktivister ønsker ikke det kinesiske styres version af demokratiet. De negative politiske og økonomiske konsekvenser af det tættere forhold til Kina har skabt et stærk civilsamfund imod styret. Medier udfører selvcensur og firmaer presses til ikke at reklamere i f.eks. Apple Daily, der er en kritisk Hong Kong-avis. Det står også i stigende grad klart, at Hong Kongs økonomiske elite … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2014-11-29 (台灣) 出版

Historisk sejr til Taiwans opposition – En ny start for Taiwan

Taiwans opposition vinder alle de store byer, og KMT taber historisk over hele Taiwan. Valgresultatet tyder på et regeringsskifte i 2016 til oppositionen og farvel til den Kina-venlige regering under præsident Ma. Der er præsident og parlamentsvalg i starten af 2016 og traditionelt har det hjulpet præsidentkandidater, at de står stærkt lokalt. Det var tilfældet historisk i 1997 for DPP og 2005 for … [Read more...]

    Publiceret: 2014-11-06 (台灣) 出版

(English) Seminar at London School of Economics – Dennis Wei (魏揚) and Wu Cheng (吳崢)

Beklager, denne side findes kun på Amerikansk Engelsk … [Read more...]